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Four Compass Point Service

Point 1

Through personal consultations we will identify your needs, wants and preferences. We will assess your strategies in investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning and risk management. Assessing what you have already accomplished and what you hope to accomplish is an on-going process and the foundation of all we do.

Point 2

We will propose a personalized plan of action to help you work towards your objectives. This plan will be specifically tailored to you and will utilize industry-leading strategies to help you pursue your goals. We will thoroughly discuss the plan and assure it meets your needs before we take any action.

Point 3

We will implement your personalized plan one step at a time. Each action will fit within the bounds you have set and will be focused on working towards your goals. Some of the steps will be completed in our office, others may require you work with tax, legal or other professionals. Clear communication will be essential as we work together in an orderly and prioritized approach toward realizing your ultimate goals.

Point 4

We will carefully monitor your progress to ensure that we remain true to your plan. We will communicate with you on a regular basis and make adjustments over time to stay on course and to respond to changes in your personal situation. This focused approach helps us make decisions with an eye toward your goals according to your measure of independence.

*Financial planning is offered through LPL Financial.